Another Day

Amanda and Scott Anderson

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Another Day is a tasty buffet of Americana and bluegrass tunes featuring spicy musical support from friends Michael Godwin, David McMillan, Mark Schatz, Tommy Slaughter, Cory Walker, Jarrod Walker, and Austin Wilder.

"Amanda Anderson has thrived under the gentle watch of her father and Gainesville musician extraordinaire, Scott Anderson. Now the daughter-dad duo steps out in this thoughtful, timely collection of songs, "Another Day." Surrounded by slick musicians, their star is destined to rise over the great state of Florida and shine high over the Southeast. I’m proud to be their friend and fan." -Claire Lynch

"I love this recording! It's FABULOUS!!! Awesome job! Everything about it filled my heart with so much joy, but particularly Amanda's singing - what a sweet and gorgeous tone she has to her voice! "
- Jessee Havey of The Duhks

"This CD literally was 15 years in the making, the age Scott's daughter Amanda was at the time of the recording. It's a blessing for the Americana fan with some left over for the bluegrass folk. Smooth, saucy and wistful, but the pedal to the metal when needed. A must for any acoustic music fan." Tom Henderson, "This Is Bluegrass" - WMNF-FM, Tampa, FL

"Another Day is excellent. How wonderful to be able to make such good music with your daughter!" Jan Dale, Southern Style, PBS FM 106.7, Brighton North, Australia

"Another Day" is a first rate CD. Amanda is a very talented young lady. The project is very well done and it deserves to be exposed in this part of the world." Charlie Hansen, Bluegrass Island CFCY FM Cornwall, PE, Canada

"Mighty nice job on Another Day! And Amanda is surely doing wonderfully on the fiddle and singing like she 'owns it'!" Mark Sahlgren WMUK FM, Kalamazoo, MI

"...this is a family making some fine music together..." Henry Koretzky, Bluegrass Unlimited, December 2009

"Your CD is fantastic! We have listened to it so many times we can sing it by heart. We can often be heard around the house singing the songs as well. Thanks!" Lisa Rodriguez

"Father and daughter is not a very common band lineup, but for Amanda & Scott Anderson, it is an effective one. Scott is a seasoned bluegrass player who has been recording and performing for much of his life. Amanda, though not as experienced as her father, is rapidly becoming a legitimate artist in her own right. On Another Day, both Amanda and Scott show that the longevity of experience doesn't necessarily factor into musical ability.

Though the album is composed almost entirely of cover songs, the Andersons' mark is all over it. Amanda's vocals are crisp and clear, and they show the influence artists like Alison Krauss and Sara Watkins (Nickel Creek) have on the band. Amanda sounds much older than she actually is. Scott is the perfect support. His harmonies are flawless, and his abilities as a banjo player are astounding.

There is an inherent charm that comes from listening to a father and daughter collaborate on an album. However, their relation to each other is a logistical aspect of the band. Amanda & Scott Anderson are a bluegrass force that you will be hearing about for a long time." JAMES KAUFHOLZ, Avenue Contributing Writer, Independent Florida Alligator

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