Scott Anderson

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"This is Bluegrass at it's finest. Solid driving Scruggs style banjo, smooth melodic lines and maybe some Bela jazz touches, Scott has covered the bases with traditional and contemporary sounding originals." Dennis Jones WNCW-FM Spindale N.C.

With guests: Wayne Benson, John Cowan, Shelton Feazell, Aubrey Haynie, Jim Hurst, Rob Ickes, Missy Raines, Gabe Valla, Scott Vestal, and Darren Wainright

"The back of the CD says "File under 'bluegrass'," and the cover photo shows Scott Anderson in a stereotypically rural Southern setting, picking his banjo beside a sluggish green river. But don't be fooled — it's really not quite that simple. Though Anderson is a very accomplished bluegrass banjo player and he demonstrates those chops on several tracks, he also spends a considerable amount of time exploring less traditional terrain. Accompanied by such eminent acoustic-music figures as fiddler Aubrey Haynie, singer and guitarist Jim Hurst, banjo player Scott Vestal, and bassist Missy Raines, he plays in a style that varies from straight-ahead (on the Earl Scruggs standard "Nashville Blues") to complex and jazzy (his own composition "Tyler and Amanda") and a hybrid style that alternates melodic with Scruggs-style picking ("Ruby Falls"). His singing is also a consistent delight; while he turns the vocal chores over to others on several tracks, his own vocals offer some of the album's best moments. Highly recommended to all adventurous bluegrass fans."
Rick Anderson, All Music Guide

"Only a musical genius could have done it!" Jane Royal, Midnight Flyer

"...banjo playing and vocal work is great...It's a winner!" Mark Newton, The Mark Newton Band

"...superb selection of tunes, not the least of which are originals...killer arrangement of Nashville Blues...great job on Ichetucknee and Satilla, So Deep...I'll be playing them all." Dave Higgs, WPLN-FM Brentwood, TN

"A very fine project - well done and loaded with originality." Buck Buckner KGNU-FM Boulder, CO

"Scott Anderson is a great artist...banjo picker with a beautiful voice with a superb selection of tunes...Scott is a natural thing! ...and the selection is not easy, all (of the) CD is so good!" Andre LeClerc, Radio Tilt, Gievres, France

"I listen to a lot of albums, and I start to worry about the future of bluegrass and acoustic music. Then an album like Scott's comes to me. His playing stands out as does his singing. Though the album contains artists you hear on other albums it sounds very original because of Scott. IT WILL AND HAS GOTTEN A LOT OF AIRPLAY." "Big" Al Weekley, KRVN, Lexington, NE

"...Scott is a heck of a banjo picker." Vic Canter KCLC-FM St. Peters, MO

"...an excellent collection of originals and generally unknown tunes...all enjoyable and affecting... Nice work all around and a very pleasant listen." Bluegrass Unlimited, January 2002

"Kick @#$* stuff!!" David Berry

"When a lesser-known player employs the services of familiar names, it lends credibility to the album – but risks overshadowing the soloist’s performance. On his debut album (released in 2001), Scott Anderson calls upon such lofty names as Rob Ickes, John Cowan, Aubrey Haynie, Jim Hurst and Missy Raines. Not only is he comfortable among such players, he distinguishes himself as a competent leader and multi talented banjoist.

Anderson, a resident and working musician in the Florida region, provides us with the most refreshing of musical approaches by putting the music above the performance. Because he lets the songs and melodies themselves guide the direction of each piece, indicating no desire to showcase his talents, Anderson has produced a fine and listenable CD. This is banjo playing at it’s most enjoyable.

Displaying his talents for both Scruggs and Melodic style picking, Anderson tackles a wide range of songs on Rivers, including five of his own compositions that demonstrate he is much more than just a talented mimic. The first Anderson track, Ruby Falls, is a melodic-style tune as engaging as anything delivered by Jens Kruger, and played with equal vigor. Ichetucknee, a moving ballad for his favorite river, and Cuttin’ Melons, a hard-driving bluegrass number, seal the deal on the dexterity of his writing abilities.

But perhaps the most unique quality of Rivers is its distribution of talent, allowing each musician a chance to shine beyond their instrumental breaks. With several musicians contributing their own songs, and lead vocals being shared by no less than five equally talented singers, the CD lends its self to repeated listening. What’s more, the sound quality is perfect. Engineered by Scott Vestal, creator of the Stealth Banjo (used exclusively on this album), the CD successfully creates the atmosphere of what would be one helluva front-porch pickin’ session. " Bluegrass Works review by Ben Fitzgerald

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